Headshot of Brian Haag owner and founder of Windward Construction

The Windward Story

The Creative Mind Behind our Brand

Our founder, Brian Haag, was destined to become a builder. Growing up in a small Wisconsin town where sons generally followed in their fathers’ footsteps, Brian’s father was a builder and a developer. His family moved to Cape Coral, Florida, when Brian was 16, and he then went on to study at the University of Florida and serve in the United States Navy.

However, homebuilding is in Brian’s DNA, and he soon launched his own development company based on his vision of collaborating with owners to build personal, original homes. His company grew into a large enterprise, producing over a thousand homes and subdivisions in master-planned communities. While the growth and success of his company were impressive, Brian was no longer able to work personally with every homeowner. Due to his increased responsibilities of running a big company, Brian had to rely on other resources and missed the first-hand experience of building a trusted and connected relationship with clients. His desire to connect with clients and take part in the creative process was the catalyst for the creation of Windward Construction.

Personal Connection with Unlimited Creativity

Windward Construction was founded on Brian’s desire to reconnect with his building roots and construct custom luxury homes in Southwest Florida. Brian understands our region’s unique environment and its effect on home structures. Therefore, every building material and process ensures the enduring integrity and beauty of our Windward Signature Homes. Brian’s approach is methodical, with extraordinary precision and attention to every detail from the beginning. This requires our team to have exceptional visualization and imagination to meet and exceed your every wish and desire so that you are ultimately satisfied with your new home.

With Brian’s leadership, we have formed a core team of the most skilled professionals in the industry to build exclusive, high-quality homes in Southwest Florida. Before construction begins, our team helps you develop your vision for your new home with brainstorming and 3D renderings to fulfill all the nuances unique to your lifestyle. Furthermore, we are confident we can build your dream home because of our longstanding relationships with subcontractors and suppliers who share our uncompromising commitment to quality materials, artisanship, and respect for budgets and timelines. Our pursuit of excellence is why Windward Construction is the intersection of building and imagination.

Custom Home Building Experts

Our team of knowledgeable and innovative experts will collaborate with you to create, design, and build your custom dream home in Southwest Florida. We are dedicated to applying precision, craftsmanship, and originality to every floor plan.

Windward Construction owner and founder Brian Haag

Brian Haag

Owner & Founder

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Windward Construction director of sales and plan development Jennifer Pentico

Jennifer Pentico

Director of Sales &
Plan Development

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Windward Construction director of operations Mike Powell

Mike Powell

Director of Operations

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Cindy Hawkins

Director of Accounting

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Headshot of Michelle Stevenson sales representative at Windward Construction

Michelle Stevenson

Sales Representative

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Tony Wallis

Sales Representative

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Windward Construction sales representative Brian Lutz

Brian Lutz

Sales Representative

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Marcus Limandri

Executive Sales Assistant


Headshot of Rhonda Godbold selections coordinator for Windward Construction

Rhonda Godbold

Selections Coordinator

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Headshot of Marcey Williamson Project Manager for Windward Construction

Marcey Williamson

Project Manager

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Windward Construction project manager Alex Castro

Alex Castro

Project Manager

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Windward Construction project manager Andrew Schupp

Andrew Schupp

Project Manager

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Windward Construction project manager Ben Buxton

Ben Buxton

Project Manager

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Windward Construction project manager Ryan Dolce

Ryan Dolce

Project Manager

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Windward Construction manager Andrew Chandler

Andrew Chandler

Construction Manager

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Windward Construction manager James Koches

James Koches

Construction Manager

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Windward Construction manager Steve Keegan

Steve Keegan

Construction Manager

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Windward Construction selections coordinator Sue Ann Green

Sue Ann Green

Selections Coordinator

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Samantha Bridner

Assistant Project Manager

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Windward Construction permit coordinator Kellie Michaels

Kellie Michaels

Permit Coordinator

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Paul Schippel

Rennovation & Remodeling

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Windward Construction warranty and punchout Henry Cornelius

Henry Cornelius

Warranty & Punchout

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Construction Manager


Windward Construction accounting employee Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller


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Construction Manager

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Construction Manager

EXT. 730

Assistant Project Manager

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